Oh, The Honeymoon

Let’s just say that it’s taken me planning a wedding to realise what everyone already knew about me.

I am a massive control freak. Huge!! I like lists, I like to know what’s going on and when it’s happening.

But, I’d never labelled myself as a control freak. Until now…..

 I thought it would be quite nice for MrA to have some involvement in the wedding, the pretty bits had pretty much been decided since day one, but, he hadn’t really had much input. It was more of a case that he said “yes” or “no” but never really suggested anything.

In a fit of wisdom, I tasked him with the honeymoon. It was more of “make it a surprise babe, I love being surprised”.

Did I really say that??? I flipping hate surprises. Birthday’s, Christmas “make it a surprise!”. I then worry if I have to do the whole “oh wow, it’s lovely!” face a la Rachel from Friends when I open up the gift (I will say that MrA has always done a sterling job and I’ve never had to make that face when he’s bought me anything in the past).

The only reason I like surprises is because I like the idea that the person surprising you has had to put some thought in to the gift – although I will hint as to what I’d like until I’m blue in the face.

I dislike surprises so much that our average dinner conversation (before I lived on nothing but chicken, rice and sweet potatoes went like this).

Mr A – “I’m in the supermarket, what do you fancy for dinner?”

Me – “I don’t know babe, why don’t you surprise me?”

ten minutes later……

Me “Hi babe, what’s for dinner?”

MrA – “But, I thought you wanted a surprise?”

Cue me freaking out about what we’re eating until I get home from work.

Ever since relinquishing honeymoon planning to MrA I have been a nightmare. Luckily, he finds this funny. He gets emails of amazing deals sent to him to give him a bit of an idea of what I’d like.

We both have different ideas of what an amazing holiday is. I love the sun, so anywhere with a bar and an amazing swimming pool is fine by me. MrA is a snow baby, he’d like to go somewhere remote and have a once in a lifetime skiing trip.

Last night he mentioned that the honeymoon should be booked by the end of this month and definitely won’t lay any hints. I just hope he’s listened to my demands slightly tongue in cheek list.

  • Not too many Americans, so that rules out the majority of the Caribbean
  • Somewhere once in a lifetime that we couldn’t visit every time we wanted to go on holiday, so that rules out most of Europe
  • Somewhere not everyone goes to on honeymoon, so that rules out Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles etc

Poor guy has a task on his hands. The biggest thing is, and I hope he knows this, at the end of the day, I really won’t care where we go (I hope you’re not reading this MrA) as long as we’re together. Oh, and as long as it’s hot.

MrsA2B xx



Move Over Nigella……..

Well. Maybe not.

Firstly, I need to put a disclaimer on this blog post. This post contains explicitly middle class content.

I really fancied giving MrA a break in the kitchen. He does all the cooking in this house, unless it’s a bacon sandwich. I can just about handle that. But he is incredible. He and I can follow the same recipe and get completely different results.

Given that I have been eating the same thing every day for the past 10 days, I fancied a change to the usual turkey breast and sweet potato for dinner. It’s pretty darn cold here in England at the moment so what better than a big hearty stew? The warmth, the homeliness mmmmmm perfect.

Turkey is basically chicken and sweet potato is basically a normal potato. Pretty much the main components of a stew!

MrA had one request, that I make it a little spicy. So I set to work (dry) frying turkey, cooking up some onion and chillis, popping in some cayenne pepper, chopping some sweet potato and left it all to bubble.

The end result was this bad boy –


Looks pretty good right? Well, thankfully it tasted good too. Spicy and warm. I’ll admit though, I was drooling as MrA dunked his crusty baguette in to the sauce mmmmmmmmmmmbbbbrrreeeaaaddddd but I gave in.

The other thing I tried to piece together was not so successful unfortunately. This is where the middle class smug bit came in.

Kale crisps. These are popping up everywhere and I walk past them in Whole Foods all the time. Then I saw that people are making them. Hearing that it was a case of cutting the leaves away from the stems, sprinkling of salt and olive oil I stocked up on some curly goodness. Crisps you say? With little to no calories? I am all over that bad boy!

My first middle class thought of today? Apart from “oh, I must nip to Whole Foods at lunch and buy some curly kale!” Was “oh bugger! The oven doesn’t go to the same temperature as Gwyneth Paltrow recommends”

They went in looking like this –


Gorgeous! Mmm crispy goodness!

10 minutes later, I smelt it. The whole flat filled with a noxious smell. Like seaweed from the Chinese reheated over and over again.

Bloody hell Gwynnie! I followed your instructions to the ‘T’ and what did I get?



I can almost guarantee that if Mr A had cooked them, they would have been amazing!

May I also add that my multi tasking knows no bounds? The lights in our kitchen are really dim, so the pics of the kale crisps? Taken in the hall way. One hand on the baking tray, the other holding the iPad and using my tongue to touch the camera button. Try it!

So that’s me done for the day. No vino allowed so I’m winding down with some satsumas (rock and roll!) and Celebrity Big Brother.

MrsA2B xx

Just The Two Of Us

How quickly is this week flying by? I’m struggling to believe that it’s Thursday already.

Probably a good thing as MrA and I will be running away for a weekend break in Oxfordshire this weekend and we really need the break.

Given that May to September seems to be chock full of weddings and hen parties we won’t be having a holiday this year – unless something reaaallllly cheap comes up on Secret Escapes so we are making the most of weekend breaks.

This break was our Christmas present from MrA’s parents, we’ll be close to Bicester  so ready for some retail therapy too.

These past few months we’ve spent barely any time together. Our bathroom has been renovated and the mixture of no water, dust, no toilet, no flushing toilet, noise etc has seen us spend a lot of time living with Mr A’s parents and this weekend away could not come at a better time.

I sent this to MrA yesterday –


We’ve been so busy with work and doing extra things that we’ve spent so much time apart and I’m getting really cheesy about how much he means to me.

As a quick update, I am still sticking to the challenge that I set myself. 10 days in and 5lbs down!! Only 23 lbs to go.

Hope everyone is well!

MrsA2B xx


100 Day Challenge!

You all know me! I love a challenge.

But, the real challenge is whether I can stick to the challenge I set myself.

This time, I need to!! Not only is our wedding in September, but I’m also a bridesmaid in May so it is essential for me to be in tip top condition for these events.

My brother (who is massively my fitspo!!) mentioned that he was doing a 100 day clean eating challenge so I thought I’d match him!

My challenge started on January 6th. I know it should have been January 1st in line with all of the other ‘resolutioners’ but frankly, I was still in a camembert and chocolate stupor. Also, supermarkets weren’t open and I needed to do food prep, so January 6th it was!

January 5th started with a trip to the supermarket to stock up on porridge oats, chicken breasts, turkey and broccoli and I was good to go.

The premise is that I eat only whole or clean foods for 100 days. The 100 day challenge takes me right up to the Easter Weekend – probably not the best time to end what is essentially a detox with the amount of chocolate etc that will be flying around.

I’ve been doing this for exactly 7 days. Below is a sample of my food throughout the day –

Breakfast – 1 cup of black coffee and a bowl of porridge

Mid morning snack – 1 apple and a handful of almonds

Lunch – Grilled or steamed chicken breast with brown rice and broccoli

Mid afternoon snack – 1 apple

Dinner – Grilled or steamed turkey breast with sweet potato mash, broccoli and green beans

Admittedly, I’m only 7 days in but I’m already sick to death of even looking at broccoli let alone eating it.

I have been drinking at least 2 litres of water a day – no alcohol whatsoever – and sticking to sugar free drinks but even these are very limited.

I have been trying to work out every single day but have had some issues due to work and having something wrong with my stomach last week. My aim is to burn at least 500 calories per day during exercise – thus creating a 3500 calorie deficit per week.

Today I weighed myself and I am 2lbs lighter than I was last week. Hopefully, these few weeks will give everything a kick start again!


Passport To Love – Invites

Hi All,

Happy New Year!!

Just in case you weren’t aware, it’s 2014!! Which means it’s the year of the wedding!

I’ve been pretty quiet (very quiet!) these past few months because the weight loss went out of the window and there wasn’t much wedding-y things to do, but it’s all kicked off now….

Our invites went out at the beginning of December and I really couldn’t be happier. The amazing Marianne at Ditsy Chic (click the link – her work is phenomenal!!) worked endlessly on our designs and we are so happy.

Our guests have received them and RSVP’s are beginning to trickle in (anyone reading this who got an invite and hasn’t RSVP’d…you know what to do!!).

Here’s a sneak peak of our invites.

Passport to love front page

inside page


Because we are getting married abroad, we thought a passport style invite would be the perfect way to get our guests in the mood. The inside includes lots of invitations such as closest airports and a run down of the weekend.

Marianne took everything we wanted in to account and was more than happy to respond to my endless emails.

Over the next few days, expect a flurry of blog posts from me as the planning gets well under way – including my New Years resolutions (you lucky, lucky, lucky readers!).

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year and to all the 2014 brides – THIS IS IT!!

Mrs A2B xx

The Last Night Of Freedom

I don’t know if it’s because people know I love planning things or that I always have to have a project, or simply because the wedding is only 9 months away now but this is becoming a common question.

Gone are the days when I got asked

How are the plans going?

I am now asked

How’s the planning going and what are you doing for your hen???!?!?!

Honest answer? I don’t know.

Just the thought of a hen party conjures this image in my head……………..


Do I want to drag my Mum and Aunts around a seaside town dressed in feather boas? Not really.

Do I want to please absolutely every body by doing a little bit of something that every body wants to do and nothing that I’ll really enjoy? Not really.

Gone are the days when a hen party would involve a nice meal and a few drinks on the town. We’ve all seen the girls staggering in town on a Friday or Saturday night covered in L Plates and drinking their WKD’s through penis straws. I distinctly remember a day earlier this year where I took my Mum out to lunch. Lo and behold, at around 3pm on a Saturday afternoon there was a girl, sat at Oxford Circus station – on her own – accompanied only by a 6ft tall inflatable penis. Yup. That is when I made my mind up that the people who I’m trusting with my hen party know well enough to not involve inflatable penises, L Plates, veils, fancy dress or anything to do with a stripper at my hen.

Hen parties are becoming more and more outlandish and as they become more X rated and more pub crawling there ends up being more planning. People I know who have got married have had 3 or even 4 different hen parties. One for close friends, one for work colleagues and one for their older female relatives.

When we think that most girls spend a lot of the weekend blind drunk anyway this must be why activities are becoming more common and then guess what happens? Costs spiral. For a lot of people, when you’re invited to a hen party, originally there’s excitement at being invited (it is an honour after all), but then the costs spiral.

And then there is the knowing that a big group of girls confined together in a small space for a long period of time has the potential to cause disaster. Type Hen Party in to Google and you will be over thrown by horror stories. Brides crying, people storming out etc.

But, whilst the feeling of dread may come when you receive email after email from someone you don’t necessarily know telling you the theme is 80’s disco pants. Spare a thought for the person organising the party. The endless emails, the chasing people for deposits, the bookings, the moans, the drop outs, the handling of drunk women.

Guests, if it costs the earth, instead of moaning about how much it costs, suggest splitting the day in to parts. I went to a hen last year which was an all day event and split in to things like a posh breakfast, then a spa, then lunch, then a bar, then dinner and you could choose which parts of the day you wanted to attend. If you can’t fly out to Marbella for a week, mention that you’ll fly in for the weekend.

Hen parties are meant to be a special time. All of the girls getting together and sharing stories, getting drunk (probably) and basically signing off from the single life. Whether you do it in a puff of veils and fancy dress outfits, or a sedate spa day it’s all about you and how you want to do it!

Writing this has made me realise that I still have no idea of what I want, but I definitely have an idea of what I don’t want!!

  • No penises of any kind. Inflatables, straws, strippers – NO NO NO NO
  • Forced frivolity. Oh really? Cocktail making at  11am and on to a Dirty Dancing dance lesson. No thanks.
  • Having my friends spend a shit load of money on something they won’t enjoy? No thanks.
  • Insisting that everyone has to be there the whole time? No thanks.
  • Veils and L Plates? No thanks.
  • Drinks and giggles with my closest friends and family? YES PLEASE!!

MrsA2b xx


Disclaimer, I totally realise I mentioned going to Croatia for part of my hen on yesterday’s post. This was suggested by a group of friends who were thinking of booking a week away and asked if me and any of my bridesmaid’s fancied coming along for a bit of a send off. No military precision emails were sent in the planning of this trip 🙂





How Much Do You Want It?

So, two weeks ago, my trainer took my measurements. Despite 3 sessions of training a week and sticking to 1500 calories a day, I had not lost any weight or changed any measurements apart from around my arms (this is a bit of a bonus to be honest as they are what I class as my ‘trouble spot’). 

We knew we needed to change things up. By the time my Monday session rolled by, I was passed a meal plan to try and give my body a boost. 

When I say meal plan, I think what I mean to say is meager rations. 

This is the first time when trying to lose weight that I was ever told “you can’t eat what you want, you have to stick with this”. All of the other plans I’ve ever used are lenient, you can eat whatever you want provided it’s within calories/points etc.

This meal plan is brutal. But every time I eat my 3 boiled eggs for breakfast and my steamed turkey breast with veggies for dinner, I can feel my abs popping. I can see my arms flexing and I feel good. Admittedly, I don’t ever want to see a stick of broccoli or a protein shake again but I’m hoping by the end it’ll all be worth it.

My workouts have been changed too, instead of lots of toning, we now focus on fat burning. My recent workout burned 800 calories, and a bootcamp session a few weeks ago burnt off a whopping 1200 calories!!


The biggest bit of motivation I have is heading off to Croatia in July for a mini hen do. A long weekend with some of the girls. We’ll be spending the weekend enjoying boat parties and lots of drinking. I want to look amazing!! The attention seeker in me wants to be all like “oh, hey boys! Sorry, I know I look amazing but oh look, there’s my engagement ring and I’m getting married next month!”

Actually, this leads me on to another post I’m planning at the moment. The dreaded hen!!

MrsA2B xx

Food is FUEL. not entertainment.

Something I’ve been thinking of a lot lately. Changing my mindset from eating food because I can, to eating food because I need to. I might not necessarily be eating the foods I love any more, but I’m eating the foods that my body needs now – which is much more important

Michael Luan

The plain and simple fact is that food is fuel – not entertainment. The sooner we understand this fact, the greater the accomplishments we can expect from ourselves. Food energizes every biological and behavioral process in our bodies – sleep through conscious activities, primal urges to lofty endeavors, and work performance to personal relationships. Therefore, it makes sense there are a few simple rules to further success and quality of life.

1. The quality of fuel we put in matters. The higher the quality we put in ourselves, the greater the immune function, recovery, overall health and vivaciousness we can expect. Pick foods high in nutrition and that are minimally processed. Fresh leafy greens and produce provide us the greatest clean fuel source. According to Stephanie Miller CFT, “Food that comes in shiny, decorated and eye entertaining packages tend to be high in sugar and extremely processed.” We want to…

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I Am Woman – Hear Me Roar!

It’s been a while readers.

It’s been a busy time, and what better way to make a comeback than to discuss my recent intimate adventures!

On our recent wedding planning trip to Rome, it wasn’t the idea of spilling red wine down my wedding dress, or tripping up as I walked down the aisle that struck fear in to me – no, it was the realisation that there is a pool at the venue and people are going to see me in swim wear.

People who know me, know that I am lazy with a capital L when it comes to my body hair (sorry guys, illusion well and truly shattered!). This situation really isn’t helped by the fact that we only have a shower in our flat, which makes shaving hard work.

My leg hair keeps me warm, I like it! It’s furry – but it’s got to go! Not just that. I like extremes. If something’s coming off, it’s coming all off! It was Brazilian time baby! I wanted to go the whole hog.

I also, tend to not react well to wax. So instead of getting my first one done two days before the wedding and having a big old rash on the wedding night, I decided to get used to it in advance.

I researched for hours. I wanted to go somewhere with a good reputation and somewhere that was easy to reach. This is where Ministry Of Waxing comes in. Every Google search mentioned it, every magazine mentioned it – I had to go!

I made a quick mention of it on twitter and their team got in touch and booked me in. That was it, no looking back. And, just in time for our trip to NYC. How Samantha of me!

I’d psyched myself up. No one covered up the fact that it hurt. Painkillers were mentioned, stiff drinks were mentioned. I was scared!

Trotting up to their store in Covent Garden made me feel naughty. And scared. Booking in was a blur. I filled in all the standard forms. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my legs waxed before and even delved in to bikini line zone but never all off. Before I knew it, I’d been led downstairs and asked to strip.

OK, it wasn’t quite like that. In case you didn’t know, MoW is not your average beauty parlour. Waxing is their forte. It’s all they do. And they see bushes all day! In fact, their strap line is “3,000,000 bushes trimmed – and counting”. The waiting room is industrial and there is not even a hint of whale song. I wish I’d taken photos, but frankly, I was too worked up.

When you walk in to your room, you are shown a locker, given a hygiene wipe and asked to undress from the waist down. The therapist (haha! Sadist more like!) dims the light and exits while this happens and then comes back a few minutes later.

Ooohhhhhhh what’s that? That looks fun! It’s a monkey! Why’s there a monkey on the bed? Oh. It’s a stress ball. Great. They’ve thought of everything…….

So there I am. Bush out, laying on the bed, ready for some serious pain. “When did you last wax?” “What? There? Never! But I shaved 2 weeks ago. Why?” Apparently, it was too short to wax. In my terror of being mistaken for a yeti, I’d shaved just after booking my appointment hoping they’d never know. Shit, of course, these ladies are experts. Quick bikini line and a top leg wax and that was me.

But, by this point, I was quite used to having my lady bits in the face of some poor lady so I booked back in for the full works. And tonight was the night!

Same rigamorole. Chain smoking, toe tapping, waiting for my name to be called.

Mum – I know you read my blog – this was different to the first time you took me for a wax the day before my first girls holiday! I didn’t cry! No one had to scrape me off the ceiling!

Again, I was led to a low lit room and asked to de-robe. This time, I had a hippo stress toy. And boy, did I use it this time!

The pain was bearable, and they use a miracle wipe straight after a hair pull which immediately cools the spot down. But before long, the next painful strip is laid down.

It felt strange, at one point I’m pretty sure I asked if I’d wet myself. You know what, my dignity had gone by this point. I was lying vagina first in some girls face. If I had have pissed myself, it probably wouldn’t have bothered me!

I also learnt tonight why some girls leave a strip. That top bit, right on your pubic bone is the money shot. By heavens it hurt! Imagine ripping a plaster from inside your nostril. Yeah. It hurt that much! But I was a big girl, I didn’t swear. I didn’t jump off the table. I dug my nails in and off I went.

Then that was it. I was done. It was on to the legs now. Walk in the park! I was flipped over fully expecting my calves to be waxed. Errmmmmm Aysel? Why are you pulling my towel up? Apparently, it’s not just the front that gets done. I had to forego the squeezy hippo whilst a waxing spatula was smeared across my bum cheeks. I was shocked!

In fact, I’m still in shock. She was waxing my bum! What even!??!?!?!!! I don’t know, but it was done. And I needed my hippo. That poor lady had to go home and eat her dinner after waxing my bum hole (Mum, I am so sorry!). And I was just aghast.

But not put off. I’ll be back. In 5 weeks to be precise. But I’ll be cringing.

So, that’s me. Still reeling, but still alive. And vagina in tact.

My word I felt powerful strolling around Covent Garden. I wanted to tell the world! I felt strong, I felt liberated and I would recommend it to any woman I met that wasn’t sure whether to do it or not.

Sure, it hurts, but it’s worth it. Isn’t everything worth having worth the pain?

Ministry Of Waxing – Aysel in particular. Hats off to you!


Getting My MoJo Back

Hi everyone!

In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been missing for quite a while.

So, first things first, let’s kick things off with two apologies –

The silence and lack of posts, and secondly, this blog post is likely to be disgustingly long!

So many things have happened since my last post, but, unfortunately, I’d lost my wedding mojo. I was sick of talking about it. All of a sudden, despite the excitement of visiting the venue etc, the reality of the wedding piled on top of me.

I know it’s a long way away, but when you are planning a wedding abroad everything has to be done so far in advance. The logistics, the invitations, the wording, the readings, the guests, the menu, the favours. Everything. It all just felt a bit much.

Yes, I know, totally melodramatic but that’s me. I realised I didn’t actually have that time and I was juggling hundreds of emails and I just imploded. I spoke to friends of mine who are married and they experienced the same thing when the planning all got a bit real.

But I’m back! I’m not burying my head in the sand, shit is getting real and shit needs to get done. Right?

Now, let’s talk about what’s been going on in the world of planning and all the other stuff I yabber about.

On September 23rd, I had my first wedding dress fitting. As you might remember, I was petrified! I knew I’d put on weight and I was really scared the dress wouldn’t fit. Or worse, so much time had passed that I just didn’t like it any more.

I spent the whole day at work worrying. I couldn’t eat because I was so nervous. This post is making me sound like a crazy bridezilla but I’m just saying it how it is.

Isn’t it mad how one single day becomes such a huge deal? I never expected this!

Anyway, miracle of miracles – the dress fit. My boobs have got bigger which was the only issue – not an issue if you ask MrA though!

I fell in love with it all over again and that sort of kick started the mojo again. I was with my Mum who gushed and said the right things but the lady in the shop confirmed it for me

You look beautiful in that dress!

Yeah, right, that’s your job! You are meant to make people feel good!

If I didn’t mean it, I wouldn’t have said anything at all.

Ker-Ching! Sold to the lady with the massive knockers!

  • I haven’t lost any weight recently. I’ve eaten clean and I’ve exercised so you know what I did? I cancelled my Weight Watchers membership. This took a lot of thinking about and I credit Weight Watchers with a lot of good. I wouldn’t have lost the weight without it to begin with but I was fed up of the shackles.

    I had grown tired of restricting where I are because of counting points. I was fed up with making wrong choices nutritionally. When a bar of chocolate is the same point wise as sweet potato, heat am I going to choose? The chocolate of course! That’s why I’m sticking with clean.

    Amazingly, it actually gives me more freedom food wise because guess what? I can eat food cooked in fat now (good fat of course!)

    Look at how fabulous our fridge is at the moment!


  • Then New York happened. It was amazing! I ate, I ate, I drank and I ate some more. Oh and we shopped! A lot!


    It was brilliant to get away from London for a while and spend some time with MrA.

  • Two weeks away from training and I missed it so much. So much so that I’ve increased my sessions! As of Monday, I’ll be boot camping on a Monday and training on a Tuesday and a Friday.

    I think that’s it for today, but I promise that I’ll be back to my usual boggy self very soon!